Dr. Eva Selhub, Board Certified in Internal Medicine and trained in Eastern medical practices, is a Clinical Associate of the Benson Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She has a private practice in Waltham, Massachusetts and is an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.


In her practice and presentations, Dr. Selhub adopts an integrated approach to health and well-being, using both Western and Eastern healing techniques to coach individuals to create optimum health and resilience. Using her intuitive counseling abilities and scientific knowledge, Dr. Selhub guides clients to discover happiness and well-being. More about Dr Selhub

Alan C. Logan N.D.
is a naturopathic doctor, independent researcher and consulting science writer : his focus is on nutritional and environmental variables, particularly those operating in the context of urbanization and biodiversity loss. A list of his scientific contributions can be found here.

Alan (and his co-authors) are often cited for the original 2003 and 2005 Medical Hypotheses papers - the first scientific framework suggesting that lactic acid bacteria, probiotics and other friendly microbes could influence human behavior and mental outlook. These papers have spawned further discoveries and the astonishing implications of the gut-brain and even the gut-brain-skin connections.

Alan has frequently been invited to present research the in mind-body medicine courses offered by Harvard's School of Continuing Medical Education (Benson-Henry Institute courses). Various topics covered in the presentations have included - The Placebo and Dietary Supplements, Exploration of Food and Mood, and Vitamin G: The Medicinal Aspects of Green Space.

He is on the Executive Committee of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research and the Scientific Board of the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine


Eva and Alan are Scientific Board Members of the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine. -INFOM.org